The Art + AI Initiative at ALife 2020!

We presented the first stage of our research at ALife 2020 this summer. The conference was incredibly well done – exemplary when it comes to organizing an online conference during COVID times. It was an enriching opportunity to share our work and learn from others.

The artificial life scientific community warmly welcomed us. It was a great journey outside of our COVID-19 Virtual-Art-Studio-Pod. It was fascinating to hear about the scientific research in artificial life – you can experience highlights from the conference in just the next few days! ALife 2020 is hosting a public twitter conference starting on August 12, 2020 at #alife2020.

CatCoders funding from Department of Computer Science, UVM Spring 2020
Northeast Cyberteam/NSF funding, Summer 2020

This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under award No. OAC-1659377.
Computations were performed on the Vermont Advanced Computing Core supported in part by NSF award No. OAC-1827314.

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