Hello World! (Our premier post)

Quantum Complications from PH Dance & Ers on Vimeo.

This is the first post for the Studio Ju Ju Sketchbook. Initially I was calling this project a blog, until I realized my favorite way to think about things and share ideas is in bursts, short bursts that are playful and engaging and that don’t take up too much of your time. I know, you’re busy! Sketchbook is a much better word for this project than blog.

So let me start by introducing you to my friend and collaborator, choreographer and dancer Paula Higa. We are Coor Collaborative fellows thanks to funding from UVM’s Humanities Center. We were planning to hold and art and tech symposium this year, but with COVID-19 plans have changed. As an alternative we’ll use this sketchbook to have the conversations we were planning for the symposium.

Paula Higa

The first project Paula and I worked on together was her dance Quantum Complications in 2019. Paula choreographed this work and the dancers are UVM students. I helped her find a site on campus for the dance and also provided some assistance with sound editing. Here is a recording of a rehearsal of the site specific work from 2019.

Contemporary Dance Class with Paula Higa. Photo credit: Sally McCay.

Thanks for your time and we’ll talk again soon!

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